Tinder Scam profiles. It’s real, beware!

Tinder Scam profiles. It’s real, beware!

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Everything you’ll read in this article is a true story, based on my personal experience. This article will solely be used as information. In order to protect or help more people possible. I don’t have any affiliates with any of these Dating Applications.

Under any circumstance DO NOT send money and any explicit pictures to anyone from Tinder matches.

If you read this article until the end, you will learn why and best way to defend from this kind of account’s and how to immediately spot one. This is only my warning and suggestion.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an American geosocial networking and online dating application that allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other users’ posted profiles, which generally comprise their photo, a short bio, and a list of their personal interests. Once two users have “matched”, they can exchange messages. Source by Wikipedia.

There are many other Tinder alternatives, likes Match, Badoo, Facebook dating and many more which mostly works the same. User must have some photos, short bio, and interests under their profile in order to use or match with someone. Popular swipe left/right synonym. Thanks to Covid, many people where I must say forced to use some of these Dating apps in order to continue in some way their social life, during pandemics. Unfortunately, some of these apps were used to Scam people, now more than ever.

All these applications are free to install, create account, upload phots and bio, and that should end there what’s included as free. Everything else, like chatting, reading messages which is essential in dating it comes with a price tag of $39.99 per month, which I find quite expensive. I think these applications, before Covid pandemics were all free. Let’s back to point of this article and that is Scamming, Frauds. I will mainly talk about my personal experience on Tinder and some on Facebook dating.

So, let’s start with Tinder. It’s not a big issue to create account, upload photos and add some bio, everything went as expected. At the beginning I was reluctant on paying anything for such application, but quickly I realize I couldn’t talk or chat with person I have matched with, unless I pay $39.99, even I forgot to mention, profile pictures of the person you matched are blurred. So, pay the price if you want to play. By the way, all these applications are legit, no concerns about entering my credit card there.

First month it was ok, it seemed to me the more time were passing by, there were more and more scammers, boots, and I must say, they become very sophisticated. Oh boy, swiping right has become a huge risk today. Fake accounts, bots, pictures, even fake Facebook profiles. Tinder is saying that they are fighting these scammers and account, but how successful, I can’t confirm that. Even I think that Tinder has some of its own algorithm for matching, like when your subscription expires, you have more likes than ever, pictures and blurred and of course you can’t see messages, so I guess this is all some sort of scam, but maybe just legitimate one.

They even named them, like Tinder bot profiles, catfishing on Tinder and so on.

Tinder bots

They are not that harmful, and they can be easily recognized. These accounts mostly come from certain continent, which I will not mention here, but they are easily recognizable, there are many such accounts on Tinder and photos under these profiles are so evidently fake. So simply just don’t even bother to swipe right. Avoid them, doesn’t matter how cute and temptive they are. They will ask you if you have What’s up to continue the chat, first Red Flag. I guess Tinder has something to detect these bots under Tinder chat. Simply don’t waste your time.

Now the next one and most dangerous is:

Catfishing on Tinder

One of the most dangerous and very effective scams in so called Catfishing. In this scam, myself was a victim and one of the reasons I write this article so I can keep people aware of they can expect under dating applications.

The most sophisticated scam where you interact with real peoples and not bots, which can be more difficult to detect at the begging, also depends how good this profile is. In most cases these profiles are not sexual gender they introduce themselves.  They start conversations normally as you would expect to from a real person, and they are also very fluent in languages they represent, I speak French and English, and I was lucky to fall on French and from previous experience English talking profile didn’t reach that far.

First Red Flag is changing chat after first day or so, they will ask you if you have mostly What’s Up, so you can continue chatting there. You can accept it of course, it’s up to you. But my suggestion would be asked to talk with that person live, or video chat if it’s possible and soon as possible. Probably, you will be given many reasons to avoid that mean of communication, like It’s costly, or person is on deployment somewhere and can’t talk live. So just simply ignore this account, block, and delete chat if it’s possible.

In my case, I was having conversation for week or so, when the person starts asking for help. Money mostly, and for illness of course. Who wouldn’t fall for that, first time, right?! As I said, this is most dangerous fraud on Tinder, you talk with live person and it can take weeks or even months to even notice that it’s a scam, trust me. That how much how good they have become. Also let’s not forget Facebook fake profiles which doesn’t help at all. Fake pictures crawled from google or even stolen Facebook profiles.

Another Catfishing scam involves Trade/ Crypto platform. Here person asks you to invest on certain Crypto platforms so they can earn you some money. Platform which I was proposed to use was, https://wap.blockpap.vip/ it looks like any ordinary Trading platforms website, but beware. I am almost certain that owner of that profile is also owner of that Trading Platform.

Once again you will be asked to switch to What’s Up to continue chat. After week of chatting, you will find out that this profile is into Crypto trading business. They earns lot of money on trading, even shares screenshots of earnings on this Platform as a proof, It looks serious, yet again, very sophisticated scam. Like other scam profiles it was very attractive one of course.

Tinder Blackmail Scam

Can’t talk much about this scam, but by its name and complaints from scam victims. This one uses the explicit images you sent to them, and later they use same for blackmail. So, as I said at the begging of this article, DO NOT send money or any explicit images to Tinder Dating Matches. Especially on some other chatting platforms.

If you read this article till the end, I really hope you have found it helpful, which was sole purpose of the same. I really hope you haven’t fall on Tinder Dating Scams, and if you did, be very caution next time.

Thanks for reading, good luck and stay safe.

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