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LED Sensor Faucet: Color Change, Water Saving

LED Sensor Faucet: Color Change, Water Saving

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Upgrade Your Faucet with Fun and Functionality: The LED Sensor Faucet**

This innovative LED faucet attachment adds a touch of fun and functionality to your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Key Features:

  • Touchless Convenience: Enjoy hands-free activation with the built-in sensor for a more hygienic experience.
  • Water-Saving Efficiency: Reduce water waste without compromising performance.
  • Dazzling Color Display:
    • Single Color Option: Choose a steady color to match your décor.
    • 7-Color Changing Light: Watch the faucet light cycle through a spectrum of colors for a mesmerizing effect.
    • Temperature-Sensitive Alerts: The LED light changes color based on water temperature, providing a visual cue:
      • Blue: Cool (below 32°C)
      • Green: Comfortable (33°C - 41°C)
      • Red: Warm (42°C - 45°C)
      • Flashing Red: Hot (above 46°C)

This versatile LED faucet attachment is perfect for:

  • Bringing a touch of fun to your kitchen or bathroom routine.
  • Promoting water conservation.
  • Providing a visual indicator for water temperature – especially helpful for young children.

Simple to install and easy to use, this LED faucet is a quick and affordable way to upgrade your sink!  

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